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Urgent Needed Au pair,Chef,Driver,Home Nurse Apply with CV

We are looking for a very special person to help us starting immediately with our Young family of 2 children, a boy and a girl. The children are Wonderful,fun and Adventurous. We are busy type work takes most of our time and want a caring Figure to work with us for at least 3 years contract. Hours during Term time are:

Monday & Friday 08:30-09:30 15:00-18:00
Tuesday 08:30-21:00 Total of 30hours.
During school holidays all 3 days would be
08:30-18:00, 29.5 hours.

AU PAIR/NANNY: £3000Mothly (weekly allowance £100).
HOUSE KEEPER: £2000 Monthly (weekly allowance £200).
DRIVER:£3000 Monthly (weekly allowance £300).
NURSE:£3000 Monthly (weekly allowance £200).
CHEF: £3000 Monthly (weekly allowance £100)

The employee will have his or her own bedroom with TV set and internet Facilities, with a personal bathroom, and also a car to drive around If necessary needed for leisure time. and also the employee can travel for holidays.

Note before you contact: This job is located in UK not other country
If you are willing to apply you should know you are applying for a job In UK, If you are applying from other country you need a Valid international passport.

Reliable applicant should apply with complete CV .
Skype : paxton.owen
Contact Person :Mr Paxton Owen
Email Address : paxtonowen@yahoo.com
If you are interested in the job offer you can contact me via my private email

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